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    Here are some examples* of patients who can save money with the PDR® Pharmacy Discount Card.

    Patient Has No Pharmacy Benefits

    Karen is a 36 year old wife and mother of four children. Her husband, Mike, works hard, but has a job which does not offer a pharmacy benefit. Mike has hypertension, which is treated with two drugs, and the children need regular medications as well. As a result, Mike sometimes skips his medications in order to afford the children's medications. Karen asked her pharmacist to put the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card on file. When her son had bronchitis, she asked for "the PDR Discount" and saved $50 on antibiotics.

    John recently turned 27 and no longer has pharmacy benefits from his parents. He still needs to see his doctor to help manage his asthma, but as a result he now pays the cash price for prescriptions. Fortunately, John was able to use the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card at his Pharmacy and received a 20% discount off his prescription. He was so pleased that he asked his pharmacist to put the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card on file at the pharmacy so he could ask for "the PDR Discount" every time he fills a prescription.

    Patient Has Limited Pharmacy Benefits

    Mary is a 51 year old nurse and single mother, who suffers from Arthritis. Although she has pharmacy benefits through the elder care organization she works at, her prescription drug formulary is very limited and she often has to pay the higher prices. When she filled her prescription at the pharmacy using her PDR Pharmacy Discount Card, the discount helped her to offset the cost of her medication.

    Patient Is In Between Jobs

    Kevin is a 48 year old head of household who is in between jobs. He chose not to enroll in the optional "COBRA" benefit offered by his previous employer due to the high cost. Kevin who has high cholesterol started paying cash prices for his monthly medication supply, but when he filled his last prescription using the PDR pharmacy discount card he got through his doctor, the discount helped him to significantly offset the cost.

    Patient Has Pharmacy Benefits

    Sarah has a serious, but treatable digestive issue. She has pharmacy benefits that include many of her medications. However, she was recently prescribed a prescription vitamin that is not on her formulary. When she went to the Pharmacy to fill the prescription, she was surprised by the high price of the vitamin preparation, and decided to forgo her prescription. Then Sarah remembered that she had asked her pharmacist to put the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card on file at her pharmacy and she asked for "the PDR Discount." She asked the Pharmacist to try using it, and she was happy to find she would receive a 40% discount. She was now able to begin this important therapy.

    Jim is a 42 year old sales manager at a large company. He has very good pharmacy benefits, however he takes some expensive prescription drugs that aren't included. When the pharmacist told him what the cost would be the last time, he remembered that he had the PDR pharmacy discount card on file at his pharmacy. Although he was initially skeptical about whether it could get him a discount, he asked for "the PDR Discount" and saved 30% on his bill.

    Note: As always, please check with your pharmacy benefit administrator if you have questions about your other options

    Terms of Service

    This discount plan is NOT insurance or a Medicare prescription drug plan. The plan is not intended as a substitute for insurance and does not meet creditable coverage requirements under state or federal law. The plan provides discounts at participating pharmacies on certain pharmaceutical supplies, prescription drugs, or medical equipment and supplies. The range of discounts will vary depending on the products received. Members are obligated to pay the pharmacy the entire amount of the discounted rate for such products at the point of sale. The plan does not pay pharmacies for products provided to members. No enrollment or periodic fees apply. The pharmacy may pay the plan a fee from amounts the pharmacy collects from the member. The discount plan organization is ProCare Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Inc.,1267 Professional Parkway, ProCare Office Park, Gainesville, GA 30507, 1-888-299-5383. Customer service is provided by PDR, LLC., 5 Paragon Drive, Montvale, NJ, 07645, 1-800-232-7379, www.pdr.net/PharmacyDiscountCard, customerservice@pdr.net.

    * The images and information in the above examples are used solely to help illustrate how real patients would benefit from the PDR Pharmacy Discount Card